10 Top Productivity tips


Time is precious. In a 24-hour world it seems impossible to find balance, yet it is increasingly important that we do.  One of the simplest ways of doing this, is by being more productive with the time you have.
It’s important to note – not everything will work for everyone and change takes time. But if you are serious about balance – get serious about how you use your time!
  1. Don’t multitask. We have this idea that it’s possible to do multiple things at once.  In actual fact if you’ve ever tried to write or read something, in between checking your email, everything takes longer, and you often find yourself losing your place. Pick one task, complete it, move on.
  1. Do the hardest thing first each day. If you get rid of the biggest task first thing, no matter what else happens in the day you will have achieved.  It’s also often easier to fit in the little tasks later on if necessary.
  1. Use a handy tool like the Einsenhower matrix to decide what should and shouldn’t be done. Don’t try to do it all and definitely learn to say no!
  1. Implement systems, templates and automation. Even better pay someone else to set them up if you can afford to. If you’re repeating the same task again and again there will be elements which can be automated or templated.  Get rid of these tasks!
  1. Turn your email off whilst you’re working on non-email related task. How many times do you check your inbox per day?  Try to go for two or three times.
  1. Take breaks. Often, we place a lot of emphasis on our selves to push through.  This does not really help in the long term.  Instead breaks help us to recharge and regain focus.
  1. Learn to find your ‘flow’. Sometimes we have an optimal time for our best work, somethings an optimal environment (e.g., listening to music, or total silence).  What set up makes you the most efficient?
  1. Break things down and plan. If you take the time to plan each day, it’s often a lot easier to manage.  Take 5 mins the night before so you can hit the ground running.
  1. Ask for help. It’s important to able to work through problems and learn, but sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. Never be afraid to ask questions.
  1. Rest well and try to exercise. Even a 10-minute walk is better than none!
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