In the community

As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, we’re involved in numerous charities in a variety of ways. Whether it’s providing crucial financial support or donating our time, knowledge and expertise, find out how Infrastar supports communities both locally and overseas.

Building a safer digital future with CyberFirst

Originally called the Cyber Schools Hub programme which was launched by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), CyberFirst encourages collaboration between schools and the corporate sector to help young people understand and apply cyber security to their everyday lives. 

By supporting CyberFirst through the sharing of knowledge and expertise, we’re helping young people across Gloucestershire to stay safe online whilst training them in the latest cyber security practices. This benefits them on an individual level but it goes much deeper than that, as many of these children and teenagers will go on to become professional cyber security specialists.

Our IT experts are passionate about nurturing curiosity in young people and giving them everything they need to pursue an exciting career in cyber security. We have no doubt that many of these hardworking students will soon make the world a better, safer place for everyone.

Cyber Cheltenham, or CyNam for short, brings together pioneering start-ups to drive digital business in the Gloucestershire region. Working collaboratively with CyNam allows us to support the development of Cheltenham’s cyber technology industry and its wider ecosystem.

IT Schools Africa provides e-learning technology to improve life opportunities for school students and local communities in Africa and the UK.
By partnering with this UK registered charity, we’re helping to supply children with laptops and technology that support their studies and give them access to a variety of e-learning tools.

We have a long history of supporting the Armed Forces community, which includes the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant. This is a pledge made by businesses, communities and charities to ensure equal treatment for those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families. By being a Forces-friendly employer, we know first-hand how much a business can benefit from the vast range of unique skills, talent and experiences that veterans bring to the table. 


Sponsorship of Corey’s Farm

Corey’s Farm is a charity that helps children and young people in Cornwall and Devon, as well as their family members. The charity provides animal and nature-based therapy and activities to those who are dealing with emotional difficulties as a result of both diagnosed and undiagnosed syndromes, additional needs, illnesses and trauma.

DigiBus workshops

The DigiBus initiative in Gloucestershire offers digital education and experiences to local communities. Their accessible double-decker bus has been travelling across the county since October 2021, stopping at different community events to provide this invaluable service. Infrastar supports DigiBus by offering free workshops to those who may not have had a chance to learn about IT and a wide range of cyber topics.

team forces infrastar

Team Forces

Infrastar is proud to announce that we are now a Silver member of Team Forces, a community of professionals dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in their fields. As a Silver member, we are focused on positive social value by giving back to the Forces community, supporting a variety of Armed Forces sports including RAF and Forces Motorsport and Armed Forces Rugby and donating to Team Forces’ Good Causes Fund, which benefits disability activities, impact projects and sports. We are excited to be a part of this amazing community and can’t wait to see what the future holds.