Get To Know: Juniper Mist AI

Get To Know: Juniper Mist AI

The number of people, devices and data has made managing IT infrastructure more complex than ever. Many people are looking to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help manage this.

AIOps is a tool that helps you manage your IT network. It does this by automating tasks, addressing issues before they happen and giving you insights into how people are using your devices and applications.

At Infrastar, we are big advocates of the use of these tools to help our clients better manage their IT networks so, in this edition of Get To Know, we thought we’d take a closer look at Juniper Mist AI.

Juniper Networks are focused on making it easier for people to use the network. They want people to have a great experience when they’re using it.

Their campus and branch solutions, driven by Mist AI, deliver industry-leading insight, automation and security to drive real business results.

What is Juniper Mist AI?

Juniper Mist AI is an artificial intelligence that is changing the way networks are operated and administered. It is a game-changing technology that promises to revolutionise the IT management landscape.

AI is often thought of as a tool for large enterprises but Juniper Mist AI is designed for businesses of all sizes.

One of Juniper Mist AI’s main focuses is its AI-Driven Operations (AIOps). This helps leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to manage increasingly more complex IT infrastructure.

This is done by its automated tasks, addressing issues before they can occur and helping to achieve an insight into user, device and application behaviour.

Juniper Mist has also developed an industry first with the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, with its easy conversational interface.

Marvis helps to provide simple recommendations to complex problems which help to save both time and money, while still maximising network infrastructure.

How will Juniper Mist AI change the way networks are managed?

When it comes to IT networking and infrastructure, troubleshooting and fixing problems as quickly as possible is a must.

Juniper Mist AI is a revelation because it empowers support before issues actually occur.

With Marvis, users can help remedy complex issues systematically, helping to increase efficiency and, with validated Mist AI support, it can help to decrease support tickets by up to 90%.

In IT management, complexity and growth of infrastructure will always continue to increase as a business expands and new technological demands come in.

The use of AI and Machine Learning can significantly help manage those systems.

What excites Infrastar about Juniper Mist AI is its well-integrated platform in the Juniper portfolio, to help manage IT with less hassle and ease of mind.

From small networks to enterprise networks, its vast ability to scale is exciting.

How can businesses incorporate AI into their IT management?

By using Juniper Mist, any business can start using AI in their IT management. With its simple to use interface, IT teams can adopt Juniper Mist AI with ease. Furthermore, Marvis VNA can empower IT teams by acting as a 24/7 virtual network assistant.

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