What is High Performance Computing?

In general terms, high performance computing is the practice of aggregating computing power so that an organisation can get more done in less time and solve unique problems. As HPC specialists, we’re here to fulfil all of your high performance computing requirements and deliver a bespoke solution that will bring top results.

High Performance Computing

How does a high performance computer work?

High performance computers contain all of the usual components, such as the processor, memory, disk and operating system – the key difference is that they have more of them in order to achieve the high performance that their name promises to the user. Though an HPC machine is more complex than a regular desktop computer, we can show you how to use it to full potential.

High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing

Which sectors use HPC?

It’s generally assumed that these supercomputers are only based in enormous research and development facilities belonging to the likes of NASA and Microsoft. However, high performance computing systems are actually relatively commonplace, as they can be installed in a wide range of commercial and public sector premises to enable greater efficiency and advanced problem solving.

Some of the most common sectors in which HPC is utilised include:

The benefits of HPC

Whilst the name is pretty self-explanatory in that HPC will enable high performance computing, we understand that you want to explore the more tangible benefits. When you choose HPC systems from Infrastar, you can expect to achieve the following:

High Performance Computing

Far greater speeds

Research and development, data analysis, graphics processing and all types of calculations can be carried out in minutes as opposed to what could be hours, days or even weeks depending on the task at hand.

High Performance Computing

Reduced costs

HPC is an investment in efficiency and capability. As a result, your organisation can arrive at the right answers faster and in a more straightforward manner, which eliminates wasted time and disruptions to workflow. This gives you that all-important competitive edge and enables ambitious business growth.

High Performance Computing

Reduced physical testing

By using HPC for simulations, you can greatly reduce the amount of physical testing required for new products and systems.

High Performance Computing

Unlimited innovation

R&D and innovation know no bounds when high performance computing is in place. Whatever your business or organisation focuses on, HPC will help you to reach new milestones sooner and in a far more straightforward and efficient way.

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