More than IT: How Infrastar Gives Back

More than IT: How Infrastar Gives Back

As a business, Infrastar takes social responsibility very seriously.

Through the incredibly hard work of our team, we have grown into a successful business that helps our countless clients continue to develop and grow, thanks in part to our various IT services.

However, we are always keen to give back where we can and that is why we are aligned with not one but three different charities.

Infrastar helps support these charities in a number of ways via donations, supplying devices and volunteering.

Infrastar allows its employees to take up to 15 hours of paid leave to work with local charities and fundraiser events, outside of the core charities that we support.

In doing so, we hope that Infrastar and our people can continue to make a positive impact on the local and wider communities.

In this article, we look at the charities Infrastar works with and how they make an incredible difference within the communities that they serve.

IT Schools Africa

IT Schools Africa provides e-Learning technology to improve life opportunities for school students and local communities in Africa and the UK.
By partnering with this UK registered charity, we look to help supply children with laptops and technology to help with their studies and give them access to e-learning tools.

According to the ITU (the United Nations’ specialised body for ICT), just 9% of African homes have access to a computer, compared to nearly 75% of European households.

Differences in economic development, literacy, schooling and education levels are all connected to the global digital gap. Some schools, for example, have such minimal resources that one computer may be shared by 10 students. Furthermore, students who do not have access to a computer struggle to finish coursework and dissertations, making digital illiteracy a barrier to further study.

We are proud to be playing a small part in IT School Africa’s incredible mission to level the playing field by delivering greater access to technology to improve the lives of countless students.

Corey’s Farm

Corey’s Farm is a charity that helps children and young people, as well as their families, in Cornwall and Devon.

Corey’s Farm provide animal and nature-based therapy and activities to children and young people, as well as their families, who are dealing with emotional difficulties as a result of both diagnosed and undiagnosed additional needs and syndromes, SWANs (syndrome without a name), illness, or trauma.

Corey’s Farm also supports families and carers who are usually exhausted from the constant battle to access the support their children desperately need.
Infrastar aims to support them with their vision of building upon their amazing facility to offer their much-needed services.


The DigiBus initiative in Gloucestershire offers digital education and experiences to local communities. Their accessible double-decker bus has been travelling across the county since October 2021, stopping at different community events to provide their free service.

Infrastar supports DigiBus by looking to help those who may not have had a chance to learn about IT and Cyber via DigiBus’ free workshops.

How our clients support our charitable efforts

All of these charitable efforts are only possible because of our clients.

With a growing client base, we are able to extend our support to these charities, and others, whilst encouraging our employees to volunteer with charities close to their hearts or with one of the charities we directly support.

If you’re looking to partner with an IT solutions company that gives as good as it gets, contact Infrastar today.

To see how you could support these amazing charities, visit their websites here:
I.T Schools Africa:
Corey’s Farm: