Office Tour of Infrastar

Office Tour of Infrastar

Let’s take an office tour of Infrastar

We have now been in our new office for over a year and we have made some massive changes since we got it! Changes to everything, from the aesthetics to the amenities. So please have a read about our office space. As we are still honoring the restrictions following the pandemic, we can’t yet take full advantage of the space as we can only hold so many people safely in any single room.

When we first got the office, it was bare, free to make our imprint. First things first was to install desks, you know, so people can work. Next came screens in our beautiful Infrastar Orange! Really makes the office pop. Then, what is an office without an office plant? We have some beautiful plants dotted all around the office and we have done very well not to kill them!  

office tour of infrastar

Now, the meeting room. We started with the large desk and a Cisco WebEx board to enable us to carry out virtual meetings and use the interactive whiteboard aspect to brainstorm our projects, plans and aspirations.  These can then be sent straight to our laptops so we can all continue with our individually assigned work. 

Next came our CEO’s favourite, the OWL. This nifty device is a portable solution for group meetings.  It provides a 360-degree view of the room and focuses in on the individual talking.  This has been a great solution for our increase in meetings and teams being able to be more versatile in virtual meetings around the office. 

Office tour of Infrastar new HQ

Our break room and kitchen are where you can find the staff in between their work. Our kitchen has a new, state of the art coffee machine. I mean this coffee machine can do anything! It can probably do your accounts if you wanted it to. The CEO made a point to program in two different types of hot chocolates, one normal and one super chocolatey for those with a sweeter tooth (which is most of us at Infrastar). It is also completely hands free, which is really handy during a pandemic where we must be cautious about the amount of contact in shared spaces.  

In our break room you can find all our snacks and cans! They don’t tend to hang around long though! Thankfully we have a great office manager that keeps it topped up, so we are always watered and fed. You can also find our space invader machine! Currently our CEO holds the highest score on the machine at a whopping 5230! When I first played, I thought I can beat that no problem. On first try, I died with 30 points. So, I won’t be reaching his score any time soon. Our future plans for this room include adding a TV screen along with some gaming consoles for staff to unwind on their lunch break.  

In the last couple of weeks, we have done some more branding by adding our luminous stars down our corridors. Additionally, we have added some new signs to our Poppy and Spitfire rooms. For those of you who don’t know, a few of our staff members are ex-military and our office is also in an old RAF building so you can see why the room names fit in so well.  

To add to our office’s technical portfolio, we are excited to have two of the most cutting-edge cloud enabled networking kit to be able to test; Cisco Meraki and Juniper driven by MIST AI.  The ability to get hands on with the kit on a regular basis and be able to demo it to our customers first-hand is invaluable!  We still haven’t fully pushed the limits and capabilities of these devices as they have so much to offer, however, it is on the agenda! 

As mentioned, whilst we are working within a pandemic, we work collaboratively with staff and visitors to ensure that they are working safely within our office. We achieve this by limiting the amount of people allowed in a room, ensuring face masks are worn in public areas and maintaining social distancing. All staff and visitors must have their temperature checked before entering the office with our fancy face temperature scanner at the door. We also enforce the cleaning of desks after use. 

The ‘things’ in the office are not the only changes, our team is expanding as the company flourishes. With new starters every month (four in the last two!). As our Infrastar family grows, we always work hard to make sure that everyone enjoys the environment that they work in. Always taking feedback and making changes where we can. Even if it is just some marshmallows to add into our hot chocolates (which was a great idea). 

It has not been a secret that we operate a dog friendly office. Nothing lightens up a day more than to come in to find a four-legged furry friend wandering around the office. Soon we will be revealing our new pet branded Infrastar bandanas, keep an eye out as they are super cute.  

Infrastar has done an incredible job of making a fun, easy environment to work in. It does not feel like a run of the mill office, a place you dread coming into. The office is a home away from home. An environment created where we can not only work incredibly hard, but enjoy banter with our colleagues, have great break amenities, free snacks, and the occasional space invader tournament (one day someone will beat the CEO’s score!)  

If you ever want to come and visit us, let us know. We will book you in when it is safe for both us and you to do so.