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Infrastar supports SMEs, healthcare organisations and government bodies by providing wide-ranging Partnered Services. This range of specialist IT packages is designed to help you protect your data, expand your capabilities and maximise operational efficiency.

Partnered Services

How we add extra value

As your organisation grows, you’ll find that it requires additional services to ensure data security, IT compliance, efficient workflow and peak performance in every department. Below are some value-added services that can be included in our partnership or supplied on an ad hoc basis:

IMAC Services (Installation, Moving, Adding and Changing)

Sourcing IT is only half of the equation. Once you’ve secured what you need, these purchases must be installed carefully and in full. Whether it’s hardware or software, we can set everything up so that your new equipment is ready to hit the ground running.

Our continuous, professional IMAC service includes all aspects of managing your IT estate, including hardware and software provision, data transfers and user orientation, as well as:


Pre-delivery preparation, testing, unpacking and connecting new hardware and any peripheral devices, as well as any further testing that follows a script.


Complete asset disconnection and package management to guarantee safe travel to the new site, as well as reconnection and hardware testing.


Internal and external hardware installation, plus conventional software installation as per the vendor/distributor instructions.


Current computer systems are upgraded or downgraded, with comprehensive verification testing performed at the end.

Partnered Services

Hardware installation

Our IT experts have been configuring our customers’ computers for over twenty years. All work is performed by a trained engineer in one of our fully equipped configuration suites with an ESD static safe environment. We deal with cabling, network installations and Wi-Fi installations on a daily basis and there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Asset management

Superior asset management is delivered by using our asset tagging and reporting services, which make identifying, tracking and securing your assets easier, simpler and more affordable.

The best and simplest way to use this service is when your assets are being staged through our centre as part of a project.However, asset management can be provided wherever you wish, ensuring total convenience and peace of mind. We can also supply just about any type of label you require and record the Tag ID into the BIOS at the same point if required.

When it comes to labelling, here are some of the options we offer:

Partnered Services

Asset disposal

We understand how difficult it can be to manage your end-of-life IT assets effectively and securely. That’s why we’re here to work closely with your organisation to ensure that your IT disposal schemes are fully compliant with all UK and European legislation.

Disposal types we currently help with include:


The control and regulations surrounding the whole area of electronic waste recycling are becoming stricter and harder to navigate. Infrastar can manage this on your behalf to ensure that you remain compliant with all environmental duty of care obligations.

Infrastar and our partners are constantly evolving our processes to stay compliant with these ever-changing and demanding regulations. Our careful selection and approval process can cover multiple waste streams, such as:

As a result, you can rest assured that your hardware and packaging disposal will always be handled and processed in an ethical and legal manner.

Partnered Services
Partnered Services

Data destruction

Our aim is to keep your business compliant with the Data Protection Act when disposing of your retired IT assets. Designed for organisations of all sizes and operating in any sector, our data destruction and removal services guarantee 100% data information security. You can rest assured that we provide data erasure services to HMG CESG standards, with certificated proof of erasure and destruction for every hard drive or data-bearing asset.

Taking things to the next level, our IT shredding service will increase your data security further by completely destroying your data-bearing media. This service can be carried out either at your site or assets can be removed and processed at our secure central facility in the Midlands.

We can shred any media-bearing items, including:

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