Reserves Day: Charlie’s Story

Reserves Day: Charlie’s Story

I joined the Royal Navy Reserves in 2009. I was working in a Managerial Job at the time which I enjoyed, it paid well, and I had a great team and Manager. I needed a challenge, but I didn’t want to change my current job. My grandfather was a Gunner in the Royal Navy and my father was an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy which led to my decision to join the Royal Navy Reserves.

My training Unit was HMS Flying Fox in Bristol and after 6 months in Unit I completed my Initial Training at HMS Raleigh – passing out on 18th June 2010. I spent 5 years training in the Maritime Trade Operations Branch as well as having lots of amazing opportunities to grow and develop skills I would never have had in my civilian job alone. The great thing about being in the Reserves was transferring skills between two jobs – learning in different environments, challenging myself and both my employers reaping the benefits.

My employer at the time had a great reservist policy that gave me the freedom to take on work for the military at short notice. My five years saw me work Security at Greenwich Park during the London 2012 Olympics, sail competitively for the Reserves in the Maritime Reserves Championships, Royal Navy Sailing Championships, and the Inter Services Sailing Championships, as well as spending time on HMS Mersey on exercise and HMS Monmouth for training.

I decided to leave the Reserves in 2015 but I am forever proud to work with many clients and colleagues that are serving Reservists and ex-Reservists. Here at Infrastar, as part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, we also have a Reservist Policy that allows our Employees to balance their role with Military commitments, giving them opportunities to grow, learn and flourish and bring their skills back to the business so we can all benefit.

Author: Charlie Hitchings – Operations Director