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Infrastar work in collaboration with select partners to be able to offer specialist services to our customers.

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The Packet Company - Collaborative Solutions

The Packet Company’s focus has been to create top-quality solutions to some of the common problems that network and test engineers encounter.

A key part of this has been to make products that are open and flexible; this allows users to enhance and extend them, reconfigure them and integrate them with other systems. And it provides a high degree of future-proofing too.

The product range provides users with an intuitive, informative and easy to use graphical environment.

Infrastar Select Partners - The Packet Company
Severn Hosting -  tailored hosting environment

Severn Hosting offer a tailored hosting environment to meet your businesses needs or you can choose from our Service offering which includes:

Managed Cabinets

Unmanaged Cabinets

Add-on Data Centre options available

Development infrastructure services

Tier 3 Data Centre with N+1 Redundancy

Dell servers available for rental

Cisco data centre network

Arrangements for loaned equipment from other vendors can be organised if requested

Access to premium suppliers ‘show piece’ equipment for research and test activities

Customer owned equipment & Supplier loaned equipment can be removed from the hosting environment at the end of the hosting agreement

Customers have the ability to sanitise equipment with security concerns

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What People Are Saying

We have used Infrastar for some time and with their unrivalled expertise and service, they are our go-to provider for our hardware and networking requirements.

Matali Consulting Limited

We enjoy working with Infrastar. They know their customers intimately and are easy to do business with. They are always thinking of creative solutions to difficult problems.

Mark S

Vendor Account Manager

Severn Hosting’s relationship with Infrastar has grown not only because of their knowledge of products, ability to supply in a timely manner and price points that are extremely competitive. But also due to their mindset of forging an enduring relationship and working collaboratively to ensure the Customer gets what they need.

James Coombs

Severn Hosting

I have had the pleasure of working with Infrastar during the NCSC CyberFirst Schools initiative. Their enthusiasm and commitment to inspiring the next generation is second to none. They have brought a considerable level of expertise to not only the students, but also the other companies involved and are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure quality is delivered in all their contributions. A fabulous company, built up by a fabulous team.

i100 NCSC CyberFirst Schools


Bitweave use Infrastar for sourcing hardware through their partnerships, and for hosting some of our software engineering infrastructures. They are always responsive, generous, professional, and go above and beyond to help us out.



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