Supporting the Future

Supporting the Future

Ryan Coombs with his new Triathlon clothing & Glen Griffin – January 2020

At Infrastar we love to celebrate people’s achievements and support people to help them reach their goals.  Since January 2020, we have been proud sponsors of the Triathlete, Ryan Coombs!

After his fantastic work in 2019, the difficulties of 2020 caused havoc for athletes everywhere but Ryan persevered, determined to progress.  We’ve kept in touch with Ryan to see how he’s got on through 2020 and to find out what he has in store for 2021.


Ryan Coombs

Reflection on 2020

My Goals at the start of the year were to focus on getting in some consistent training and racing for the European championships in Estonia.  However, this changed when most my races were cancelled. In March I was furloughed for 3 months so I ended up training the same number of hours a semi-professional triathlete would schedule.


I ended up getting personal bests over all my running distances (a mile, 5k, 10k & 1/2 marathon) and also excelling in my cycling.  I was fortunate enough to race 5 times with 1x 3rd place, 1x 4th place, 2x 5th place and 1x 9th place. This was my most successful year of racing up to date.


The main thing I got out of 2020 was understanding that my performance data suggests that if I continue with my percentage increases, I could become a professional triathlete. It’s known in triathlon that talent alone doesn’t automatically mean you can become a professional, as you also need financial support. This is where Infrastar through their sponsorship, have given me the opportunity to ensure I train with the best triathlon clothing available. As the old saying goes, use the right tools for the right job. The sponsorship has made a huge difference to my overall performance levels. (The kit looks amazing too).

2021 Plans

This year’s goal is to gain some racing experience (if we are allowed).  The major races I enter have professionals in the field so this will allow me to race more experienced athletes.  I will be racing the English national middle-distance championships, half Ironman Weymouth and also the European standard distance championships.


Everyone at Infrastar is very proud of the progress Ryan has made and wish Ryan all the success for 2021 and beyond!  If you would like to follow Ryan’s progress, why not check out his blog