The Highs and Lows of Life in Lock Down

The Highs and Lows of Life in Lock Down

Whilst working from home, a comfortable tedium is a likely emotion felt by more than a few during these strange times. Although, of course, the scenario could always be far worse than just being bored of your own house and company.  A flock of positives juxtaposed by a cluster of negatives sum up what it means to work from the comfort of your own tailor-made working environment.

With different responsibilities for everyone, working from home can be very beneficial. For pet owners, it gives a great amount of one-on-one time to spend with your trusty good boy or your feline forever friend.  Maybe baking banana bread is one of your few new-found callings or perhaps a thrilling series has caught your attention on Netflix; whatever it may be, this added time at home has been very valuable, to say the least.

However, this isn’t to say it hasn’t come without its fair share of negative details. Sometimes too much time spent at home can cause aches and pains or more aches. Many people are lacking vitamin D from being enclosed in a room all day; even going on a short walk during a break can help. Others are struggling to get their body clocks back to pre-lockdown due to getting up later. All of these little things can build up and contribute to being at home during this quarantine period, making it a negative experience.

For me, personally, I’ve found this time both brilliant and brilliantly difficult at the same time.  My new-found enjoyment has been mainly with attacking and completing new projects, being back at football, spending time at home with family and becoming an NBA 2K master.  All of these positives are balanced out with missing out on triple chocolate cookies from ASDA at lunchtime (I’m heartbroken, to say the least)!

With all of this said, I’ve got my health, I’m now knee-deep in triple chocolate cookies again and Arsenal won so I’m sure this has been a positive time for me – I hope it is for you and your families, colleagues and friends.

Author: Jay Dare – Apprentice Technical Consultant