Upon reaching sixth form its always daunting to think “what do I want to do with my life?”. Unlike most, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to join the RAF as an Intelligence Officer and, like every other teenager, move far, far away from home. I passed all my written exams with a high enough score to do any job in the RAF! Brilliant! Things were looking up. All that was left to do was the physical/medical exam, which I was going to smash as I spent every living second in the gym. I was so certain I was on my way. I deferred my university offers to study chemistry as I was so certain. All I had to do now was wait for the physical exam date.

Then life slapped me in the face.

Two days before my physical, I collapsed in the shower and couldn’t feel my legs. I went to hospital and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and it’s never happened again since. The next day I went to the RAF branch and they told me there was no point in continuing, as I was going to fail my medical exam. I spent three years working towards this for nothing. By this point, it was too late to even re-consider university.

I told my parents when I got home and my father told me “You have a month to find a job or you’re on the streets” (I want to ensure you this was for motivation: my parents would not disown me).

So, with a new fire under my butt, I went and got myself a job within a week, at a call centre. It was not my cup of tea. As I knew I didn’t enjoy it, I got myself a new job. Guess what?  It was at another call centre (I promise I have more than two brain cells!).

From here, I hopped around various jobs. It was hard trying to find what I wanted to do when my mind had been set on something for so long. I eventually landed myself an office administration job.

I really enjoyed the job, all the staff were lovely and it was a nice environment. The only problem, after 4 years of being there, was that it wasn’t challenging enough. Yes, I could have done this job until retirement but I wanted more. I wanted to be challenged, I wanted progression, I wanted to have a job where I could use my own initiative, where I can put forward ideas and contribute to the company’s growth and progression.

It’s always risky looking for a new job, especially when there is a global pandemic going on. People worldwide are being laid off and it was not a good time to find a new job. By this point in the pandemic, my wedding had been cancelled twice, uncertainty was all around, friends and family were struggling, and I was not enjoying my job. I thought “nothing else can go wrong – so let’s go for it!”

Thanks to Truly Tailored Recruitment, they found me the most awesome position which was everything I was looking for. A job that offered progression, learning and challenges. A company that, off the bat, encouraged me to express my ideas and they would listen to them and implement what they could. It was so validating to hear that I had the potential to make my own little mark within a company.

I have now been at Infrastar as a Sales Support Administrator for nearly a month. Looking back, I am so happy I decided to risk it and put my self out there. I feel truly blessed to find a job that excites me. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure it’s all real. For once in my messy career history, I know where my working future is going. Now I have to roll up my sleeves, put my noggin to good use and do the best damn job I can do.


Author: Vanessa Gardner – Sales Support Administrator

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