Creating a new Wi-Fi design

If you’re looking to implement Wi-Fi at your premises, but unsure how many access points you need, where they need to be placed and how to best configure them to maximise your investment, let us take that pressure away and help you get it right first time.
By utilising our sophisticated Wi-Fi surveying hardware and software, we can design, validate and maximise Wi-Fi capabilities for your business.

Wi-Fi Design and Survey Services

Survey and validate your existing Wi-Fi

Are you suffering from sluggish, unreliable or unavailable Wi-Fi? We can survey and validate your existing Wi-Fi to see if it is possible to minimise coverage gaps with a better configuration or layout. The best performing wireless networks are never “set it and forget it”, and our tools ensure that your Wi-Fi is always at its best. Not got it quite right first time around? We can assist in validating your existing IT environment to ensure you have the right configuration and access point placement.

Wi-Fi Design and Survey Services
Wifi Design and Survey Services

Cutting-edge software

By utilising our sophisticated Wi-Fi surveying software, we can create a Wi-Fi design perfectly tuned to your needs. We achieve this by taking your business requirements for wireless connectivity and combine them with real-world environmental factors, such as a to-scale floor plan and obstructions such as wall materials. This will enable us to get the right number of access points (APs) in the right locations and with the best configurations to maximise your Wi-Fi’s performance and reliability.

Once this has been carried out, we produce a report that provides all the information you need, from placement of APs on your floorplan showing their coverage, to the recommended configuration of your APs.

We use the latest Ekahau software for tailored Wi-Fi design, which brings multiple benefits to private and public organisations:

Site visit with best-in-class hardware

Got floor plans but they’re not to scale? No problem! Our engineers can visit your site and utilise our Wi-Fi surveying hardware to perform an AP on a Stick (APoS) site survey. This method involves temporarily staging APs at deployment height on a tripod in order to assist in design and validation before a full site deployment.

Undertaking an APoS survey strengthens a proposed design and ensures that it will work as planned, reducing the need for costly AP location changes and validating the correct number of APs required for your premises.

Wi-Fi Design and Survey Services

Tired of unreliable Wi-Fi?

We’re here to eliminate poor Wi-Fi signals and intermittent coverage. Get in touch today to book your Wi-Fi survey.

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